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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SB250 - in ASM Biz & Prof Next Tuesday 6/30

NOTE: here's where it's going to get sticky:
  • AB241, AB242 and AB243 will also be heard next Tuesday in the Senate Public Safety Committee.
Every one of these bills - plus AB1122 & SB135, heard today in SEN Public Safety - are of major importance. How important is your ability - your right - to own the cat or dog you want to own? How important are the decades of love you've put into developing your bloodlines? How important is it that your line - your breed - remains alive and well far into the future?

If we do nothing, radical animal rights groups including HSUS, PeTA, Farm Sanctuary and others WIN. Who are we? Are our pets, our animals, our friends ... worthy of being saved? That's what it comes down to. Are they worth pushing yourself and sticking your neck out?


At 9:56 AM, Blogger sunbeamgr said...

One of our problems is that the animal extremeists have controlled information on MSN. But the Legal Broadcasting Network has taken a look at MSN and have a program on their website - it is front page today. The interviewees are David Frei, Westminster Kennel Club, Cathie Turner, Executive Director of Concerned Dog Owners of California and John Jensen, Los Angeles attorney pursuing the MSN case against the City of Los Angeles.
You can also post to a blog about the program at The videos can also be seen at


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