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Monday, June 29, 2009

California Bill Updates as of 12 am on 6/29/09

Note: all bills in red will be heard this week.
  • 5 will be heard Tuesday (in three different committees), and
  • 1 will be heard Wednesday.

is on the Governor's desk pending a signature. Please call, email and fax Governor Schwarzenegger and ask him to sign this law which protects a licensed veterinarian's right to care for his patients. Licensed chiropractors, licensed acupuncturists, and other practitioners of the healing arts also are protected by this law.

Be aware: I read somewhere that Sen. Florez performed a gut-and-amend to get his failed antibiotics bill tucked into one or two other unrelated bills last week. I don't remember the bill numbers, but when I do I'll let you know.


CA AB1122 (Lieu; Coauthors: Eng and Jones)
- Animal abuse: sale of live animals
  • Tuesday 07/07/2009 - SEN Public Safety Committee
  • Last amended: 05/14/2009

CA SB 135 (Florez; coauthors Senators DeSaulnier and Hancock)
- Animal abuse: cattle: tail docking
  • Wednesday 07/01/2009 - ASM Agriculture Committee
  • Last amended: 06/25/2009

CA AB1437 (Huffman; Principal coauthors: Florez, Tom Berryhill)
- Shelled eggs: sale for human consumption: compliance ...
  • Wednesday 07/08/2009 - SEN Health Committee
  • Never amended - still as introduced 02/27/2009

CA SB250 (Florez)
- Dogs and cats: spaying and neutering
  • Tuesday 06/30/2009 - ASM Business and Professions Committee
  • Last amended: 05/28/2009
  • Note: CA Dept of Finance Bill Analysis released last week: OPPOSES SB250

CA AB 241 (Nava; Coauthors: DeSaulnier, Florez, Strickland))
- Dogs and cats: breeding for sale
  • Tuesday 06/30/2009 - SEN Public Safety Committee
  • Last amended: 06/23/2009

CA AB242 (Nava; coauthor: Yamada) (Coauthors: Senators Cox, DeSaulnier, Florez, and Strickland)
- Dog fighting
  • Tuesday 06/30/2009 - SEN Public Safety Committee
  • Last amended: 06/01/2009

CA AB243 (Nava; coauthors: Ammiano, Lieu and Portantino) (Coauthors: Senators DeSaulnier and Florez)
- Animal abuse: penalties
  • Tuesday 06/30/2009 - SEN Public Safety Committee
  • Last amended: 06/22/2009

CA SB318 (Calderon)
- Dogfighting forfeitures
  • Tuesday 6/30/09 - ASM Public Safety Committee
  • Last amended: 05/28/2009

CA SB762 (Aanestad)
- Professions and vocations: healing arts
  • In Senate. To enrollment - i.e., pending the Governor's signature
** Please call/fax/email the Governor today and ask him to sign this legislation allowing licensed veterinarians to continue providing ear crops, declaws, dewclaw removal, tail docking etc if their city/county allows this by Jan 1st, 2010.


** This is another important one for the future with many implications for today: **
CA ACR74 (Portantino)
- Animal shelters: No Kill movement policies
  • Referred to ASM Business and Professions Committee
  • No hearing date set as of now


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