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Saturday, July 11, 2009

I don't feel like it ... but I'll do it anyway

Ever want to just throw in the towel and quit fighting the ARs? Yea, me too sometimes. Writing blog posts isn't all that fun, especially the dry boring *important* stuff I usually mention.

But it's necessary. Not always on a schedule, but when I can and when it's important. Thanks for your patience.

  • CA AB1122 ~to SEN Appropriations; no hearing date set.
  • AB1437 ~to SEN Health on Wed 7/15th ... though rumor says it may get held in Committee until next year. We'll see.
  • CA AB241, AB242, AB243 ~ all to be heard in SEN Public Safety on Tues 7/14.
  • CA SB318 ~ 3rd reading on Assembly Floor TODAY 7/11 ~ Item 101. Could be voted on any time starting today??
There, see? Easy. Now comes the hard part: CALLING, WRITING and FAXING for each and every bill, one at a time, over and over *this weekend* because we're getting down to the wire. If they've had amendments in their current House, Bills will need to go back to the originating House for another floor vote. If they pass that ... they go to Governor Schwarzenegger's desk.

Cow Tails. NO Budget yet. Unbelievable.

... even the Senate website link is broken this morning. Boo...


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