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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Long Time No Blog

I've done virtually no tweeting or blogging other than posting to lists and commenting on animal rights inspired actions since, well, my last post here. It was quite a year, and I'm glad so many others were able to keep cyberspace informed about the animal rights industry.

Thanks to all the California Assemblymembers who voted NO or abstained from voting on CA SB 250 on the last day of August 2010. (see video of the last 30 min or so)

Senator Dave Cox is gone ~ we miss you, Dave... ~ please God, bring someone at least as good to take over his old District 1.

Bits and pieces...

  • November is coming. VOTE THEM ALL OUT. If they bought into or were paid by the AR community, California doesn't need 'em. Do your research, call friends, educate 'em and VOTE.

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