True Agendas

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools! Um, sadly no...

OK, I'm going back over my links and it sure looks like I need to revise a *bunch* of stuff. But, I swear I tested it and it worked last week!! :( Sorry.... sigh. I'm still learning this blogging thing.

Things are starting to heat up in the fight against CA AB 1634 -- here are a few links for more information. The latest news - posted today of all days!! - is that the Act is now amended to really, truly demand spay/neuter for EVERY cat and dog. Virtually no exemptions, not even if you're bringing an animal into the state for a visit!

Want to learn about actual shelter statistics? SaveOurDogs.Net is a great site for that. Go here for great links and info... and the latest updates on the Pet Genocide Act

Here's the California Federation of Dog Clubs' site - many more good links and info

The NAIA Trust is an animal welfare/lobbyist website that often gets the latest news out first via its' newsletters and alerts

The place to find out what your local California pet owners are battling in the legal arena is here, on the YahooGroup! CAPet-Law

And for national news, check out the Pet-Law group. These folks are amazing! Their related website with tons more info is here.