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Saturday, July 11, 2009

I don't feel like it ... but I'll do it anyway

Ever want to just throw in the towel and quit fighting the ARs? Yea, me too sometimes. Writing blog posts isn't all that fun, especially the dry boring *important* stuff I usually mention.

But it's necessary. Not always on a schedule, but when I can and when it's important. Thanks for your patience.

  • CA AB1122 ~to SEN Appropriations; no hearing date set.
  • AB1437 ~to SEN Health on Wed 7/15th ... though rumor says it may get held in Committee until next year. We'll see.
  • CA AB241, AB242, AB243 ~ all to be heard in SEN Public Safety on Tues 7/14.
  • CA SB318 ~ 3rd reading on Assembly Floor TODAY 7/11 ~ Item 101. Could be voted on any time starting today??
There, see? Easy. Now comes the hard part: CALLING, WRITING and FAXING for each and every bill, one at a time, over and over *this weekend* because we're getting down to the wire. If they've had amendments in their current House, Bills will need to go back to the originating House for another floor vote. If they pass that ... they go to Governor Schwarzenegger's desk.

Cow Tails. NO Budget yet. Unbelievable.

... even the Senate website link is broken this morning. Boo...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

SB250 and SB318 - both on to new committees

Hey, sorry about not reporting the votes sooner; the Cow Tail Saga had my attention yesterday.

SB250 passed out of ASM Business and Professions on a straight party line vote, and will be heard within 1 to 2 weeks by ASM Appropriations. Rumor has it the hearing date will be July 15, but that's yet to be confirmed. Fax, write and mail in your opposition today; PetPAC has information to help you get 'er done.

Remember: the California Department of Finance says SB250 will cost the state millions and millions and millions of dollars. It will be the cause of death for who knows how many thousands more shelter animals every year. It will immediately make lawbreakers out of millions of people who do not have a spare $200.-$500. to sterilize their pet cats and dogs.

C'mon now. If you were
  • out of work,
  • losing your home to foreclosure, and
  • barely able to put food on your table thanks to our 11%, 12% or even 18% unemployment rate,
would you care for your family, or would you let Animal Control take your pet because you're already at the end of your rope? This bill is flat-out CRUEL.


SB318 (dogfighting forfeitures) also passed out of ASM Public Safety, 7 to zip. I'm not sure but it may be heading to the Assembly Floor next. There are still some Constitutional issues; I'm also not completely assured that the right to a trial before property forfeiture is protected in this bill.

By the way, given that some 'humane' groups which conduct dogfighting raids have million dollar budgets - even a couple hundred million, like HSUS - why does SB318 incentivize such organizations to conduct those raids by giving them half of the seized property? It seems like a rather counterintuitive move.

Cow Tails and Hearing Cancellations

Governor Schwarzenegger is a bit peeved at the attention both Houses are giving to bills concerning nonessentials like ... cow tails. He said so yesterday on Twitter and YouTube.

HSUS got upset over that.

Senator Florez got upset over that too.

Since California still does not have a budget, all Senate committee hearings have been canceled for today (see page 34 of the Senate Daily File). This includes CA AB241, AB242 and 243.

Yesterday the Assembly Agriculture Committee voted on Sen. Florez' SB135 - yes, the Cow Tail Bill. It passed 6 to 1 and now goes to ASM Appropriations.