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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Testing ... testing ...

Can I post again?

Man, yesterday was crazy. I spent three HOURS calling legislators about all the animal rights-sponsored Bills being heard in Sacramento this week. This blog was locked because somehow someone - or some bot - decided it was a spam site. Or told Blogger it was. But it's open now, and all is right with the world.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy CA Legisl Week Ahead

Search for most current info on each of these here (yes, it works for both CA Senate and Assembly Bills):

Bills heard today ~ Monday 4/27:

  • CA AB 1224 - in ASM Transportation (Vehicles: hit and run violations: animals)

Bills heard Tuesday 4/28:
  • CA AB 241 - in ASM Business and Professions (Dogs and cats: breeding for sale)
  • CA AB 708 - in ASM Water, Parks and Wildlife (Fish and wildlife: poaching)
  • CA SB 318 - in SEN Public Safety (Dogfighting forfeitures)
  • CA SB 135 - in SEN Public Safety (Animal abuse: cattle: tail docking)
  • CA SB 481 - in SEN Natural Resources and Water (Airports: wildlife)
  • CA SB 536 - in SEN Natural Resources and Water (Commercial hunting clubs)
  • CA SB 609 - in SEN Natural Resources and Water (Importation of crocodile and alligator parts)

Bills heard Wednesday 4/29:
  • CA AB 1437 - in ASM Agriculture (Shelled eggs: sale for human consumption...)
  • CA AB 243 - in ASM Appropriations (Animal abuse: penalties)

Bill to be heard next Monday May 4th:
  • CA SB 250 - in SEN Appropriations (Dogs and cats: spaying and neutering)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tweet! Hearings!

Yep, I'm on Twitter. If you want my links to current CA bills and their status, that's the place to go right now. I try to keep cool there and post opinions here... but it doesn't always work.

Next week California Assembly Committee hearings and votes on AB 241 and AB 243 will be on Tuesday and Wednesday - please BE THERE if you can. You know who you are. Monday May 4th is the next hearing for SB 250.

Find current status on these bills here (things change quick at the Capitol):
  • CA AB 250 - Dogs and cats: spaying and neutering - to be heard in SEN Appropriations on Monday May 4
  • CA AB 1122 - Lieu - Animal abuse: sale of live animals: flea markets - referred to ASM Appropriations
  • CA AB 241 - Nava - Dogs and cats: breeding for sale - to be heard in ASM Business and Professions on Tuesday April 28
  • CA AB 242 - Nava - Dog fighting - referred to ASM Appropriations
  • CA AB 243 - Nava - Animal abuse: penalties - to be heard in ASM Appropriations on Wednesday April 29

News I picked up here and there:
This last bit of info is animal related for several reasons, including SB 481 (Airports: wildlife) sponsored by Sen. Cox - find its' current status and other details here.

Monday, April 20, 2009

AB 1122 - no more cat or dog shows?!??!?!

I re-read the amended AB1122; it's still bad law:
The Long Beach Chamber called AB1634 'job killer legislation;'
wonder what it thinks about AB 1122.
  • This Bill grants animal control officers the same power as police officers to issue criminal citations. This could be a big problem with ACOs who believe all pet breeders are eeevil, and all cat and dog show exhibitors are abusive.
  • AB 1122 allows said ACO (not a police officer) to file criminal charges against someone who walks across the street to give a stray kitten to a neighbor - hello rescues, are you listening?
  • No more carnival and school fairs giving away goldfish - it will be a crime if this Bill becomes a Law.
Since when should legislators make laws telling Californians where and when they have the right to sell their animals? Next they'll be introducing laws legislating who is allowed to buy 'em.

Friday, April 17, 2009

2009 - 180 Animal Rights Bills pushed by H$U$ and friends

Truth: there are 180 animal rights bills are being pushed by H$U$ this year. So far. Silly Season is upon us. And I had so hoped the ARs would give up after the CA AB1634 debacle of past years... no, not really. sigh Insanity isn't cured over night.

I'll be updating this blog with new info on CA and federal animal rights industry activities as I find time. You can find info on nationwide bills right here, thanks to the Cat Fanciers Association.

Starting it off, here are just a few nasty bills currently making the rounds:

Several good sites for getting latest and greatest info, sample letters and fax/phone/email info:
PetPAC, SaveOurDogs, CFoDC, CarPOC, and the pet-law list on Yahoo!Groups.

  • HR 669 no more pet gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, parrots, parakeets, salt water fish tanks, corn snakes and other small pets. Action needed by Thursday, 4/23!

  • AB 1122 - no more dog or cat shows, no more goldfish won at school fairs, no more 4H animal events, no more talking about stud services or potential puppy sales when sitting in restaurants.. broad interpretation and vague on details. BAD.
  • AB 250 - One Strike Bill for dogs and cats (MSN after one citation that never needs to be proven).
  • AB 241 - Dog and Cat Statewide Ownership Limits (MSN for all cats & dogs when you have more than 50 animals kept for breeding or sale as pets. Have one too many? AC can take it! For resale and profit.
  • AB 242 - Dog Fighting: increased spectator penalties. Um, what if 2 dogs start fighting at a park and people see them? Big holes in this one. Dunno if it can be fixed. H$U$ sponsored, which raises Big Red Flags in my mind!
  • AB 243 - convicted animal abusers can't have animals. Big holes in this one too. Needs work. H$U$ sponsored. Again, hmmm...
  • AB 1437 - Shelled Eggs must ONLY come from free range chickens! Thanks to Prop 2 and H$U$' five lawsuits to keep UCDavis and others from speaking out, we now have this Bill. Not only can't we produce our CA eggs under the scientifically best conditions to produce quality, healthy food ... but AB 1437 says Californians cannot import eggs from out of state except those laid by free-range chix. The latest study conducted over a decade's time shows free range eggs results in increased hen mortality and more salmonella. Oh, goody.