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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Don't forget HSUS...

Remember to add a link to the H$U$ expose video in every one of your emails to friends, clubs, the Senators and Governor Schwarzenegger. Here are two of them:

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CA SB 250 - call, write, fax NOW

Still think fighting SB 250 isn't worth the effort? Still think HSUS, Farm Sanctuary, the ASPCA, PeTA and other radical animal rights groups don't hate dog and cat breeders or exhibitors?

Please read the email posted below carefully,
then forward it to every person you know. Send the portion below the dotted line to each California Senator and our Governor with your firm opposition statement.

SB 250 is indeed the linchpin for ALL the radical animal rights legislation being forced through at our Capitol this year.

Here are the emails for our current Senators; the Senate URL only posts links to their individual websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

-- permission to cross post is granted --

California SB 250, statewide mandatory spay/neuter for dogs and cats, passed in the Senate Appropriations Committee on May 28. It now heads to the full State Senate, where it will be voted on sometime during the week of June 1.

Californians defeated the similar bill AB 1634 last year in the full Senate in large part because there was a huge number of opposition faxes and calls against it -- tens of thousands of them. So far, the response against SB 250 has been only a small fraction of that. If many more Californians do not take action to stop it, SB 250 will pass.

Here's information on what you can do to stop SB 250

Under SB 250, a citizen can be permanently denied the right to ever own an intact dog or cat if any ONE of the following things happens:
  • a meter reader, yard service worker, friend, neighbor, child, or anyone else leaves your door or gate open, your dog leaves your property, and is picked up as a stray
  • you are walking your dog on leash and are cited for having a leash that is too long as specified in municipal code
  • you are training your search-and-rescue dog, herding dog, obedience competition dog, hunting dog, agility dog, or any other dog off leash and are cited for it
  • you are cited for having an unlicensed dog
  • your dog is licensed but you are cited for not having a license tag on your dog's collar
  • you are cited for exceeding the maximum number of dogs or cats allowed in your home as specified by your city or county code (often limited to 2 to 4)
  • you are cited for your dog's barking
  • you fail to notice that your dog defecated on city property and are cited for it
  • you are cited for any other minor animal control violation
All of the above are violations of local ordinances and already have appropriate fines associated with them. Government-mandated forced sterilization of every dog and cat a person ever owns now and in the future is a grossly inappropriate penalty. It's the equivalent of permanently banning a person from ever registering a vehicle again because they are caught with a broken tail lamp.

There are NO exemptions in SB 250 for search-and-rescue dogs, police dogs, detection dogs, ranch or farm dogs, guide dogs, service dogs, or any other working dogs.

There are NO exemptions in SB 250 for dogs owned by responsible breeders.

Please take action NOW to stop SB 250.

Laura Sanborn

Thursday, May 28, 2009

CA SB 250 goes to the Senate Floor

CA SB 250 passed out of Senate Appropriations, and I believe the vote was 7 to 5 - it's too early to verify online. This bill will next go to the full Senate Floor be voted on between now and close of business next Friday, or it can be held at the Senate President Pro-Tem's desk.

Think about that. It got out of Appropriations - in this economy.

Anyone out there still doubt that our state is being besieged by radical animal rights advocates?

HSUS was exposed. Let's shine more light on their agenda.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This video was created by a teenager in support of his local Tea Party movement.

Feel inspired to go do something - anything - whatever you know you need to do?


HSUS spends Million$ on...

How do you feel, knowing that HSUS is trying to pass about 200 animal rights laws in 2009...
  • which would tell farmers how to raise cattle, pigs and chickens (CA AB 1437)?
  • which tells breeders how many dogs and cats they can own (CA AB241)?
  • which would make it a crime to own or feed any natural, unsterilized dog or cat (see CA SB 250, to be voted on this Thursday in the California Senate Appropriations Committee)?
  • which criminalizes rescue railroads as abusive to animals? One way that rescuers move dogs and cats from one location to another is by meeting other groups and transferring custody in parking lots or parks. See CA AB 1122, which may be voted on by the full Assembly this week.
HSUS is not the friend of animals it claims to be - and I quote:
When asked if he envisioned a future without pets, “If I had my personal view, perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I don’t want to see another dog or cat born.” Wayne Pacelle quoted in Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 266

HSUS, Michael Vick, Exposes and Politics

Last week, HSUS' president Wayne Pacelle stunned the world by announcing the radical animal rights group would help ex-NFL player Michael Vick rebuild his image.

Remember, Vick was ejected from the NFL for felony dog fighting charges and for animal abuse: electrocuting, hanging and drowning non-performing pitbulls. HSUS will now help Vick educate inner city youth on the evils of dog fighting.

Uh huh.

Nathan J. Winograd, co-father with Richard Avanzino (Maddie's Fund) of the No Kill shelter animal movement, had this to say about HSUS' move and Mr. Pacelle.

So. As noted and linked in my previous blog,
  • HSUS collects over $100 million yearly from the public to help animals in need;
  • HSUS spends almost all of that $100 million pushing radical animal rights legislation;
  • HSUS disappeared from Louisiana with tens of millions after Hurricane Katrina;
  • SOMEONE caused the first televised report about HSUS' true agendas (pun intended) to be pulled from almost all online archives within days;
  • WSB-TV demanded transcripts of its' HSUS report be pulled from other websites, in further violation of the First Amendment;
  • and finally, HSUS now will work with Michael Vick to upgrade his image.
How does this make you, the reader, feel about HSUS?

HSUS exposed - and what happened next

On May 14th, an award winning WSB-TV news reporter told the nation that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) spends almost all the money it gets from animal lovers ... on lobbying for animal rights laws.

How much is that? HSUS' 2007 financials (the most recent year available) show its' income was over
$100 million, and total assets were over $200 million. This report marked the first time that millions of Americans learned how the HSUS spends its' tax-free dollars.

The story also mentioned that the Attorney General of Louisiana investigated HSUS after tens of millions in donations meant for Hurricane Katrina animal victims went missing. And that the AG ceased investigating when HSUS offered to build a new animal control facility.

Stay tuned; I'm sure there is more to come on this story.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Next week's agenda will be FULL

Status of the animal bills being pushed by animal radicals in California:
It's going to be busy next Tuesday, isn't it.

It's going to be tough to speak out opposing both AB242 and SB 250 next Thursday. All hands on deck!

H$U$ Believed Over Experts

CA AB 241 passed out of the Assembly yesterday on a 60:14 vote with 7 abstaining or absent. Sad, isn't it? So many legislators fooled by H$U$' machinations and half truths.

Well, on to the Senate and hopefully a better awareness of the true price tag attached to this Bill. ASM Nava said in the ASM Appropriations hearing that only 5 kennels will be affected ... wouldn't it be cheaper to just hire someone to inspect those 5 kennels on a regular basis? Especially when the bill analysis says puppy mill raids can cost $440,000. each? That would be $2.2 MILLION if those 5 kennels were all shut down.

Maybe the pols believe H$U$ will help California when those costs start adding up. Oh, wait. H$U$ spends 96% of its' funds on legislative efforts and campaigns - not animals who need help.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CA Bill Updates - Wednesday Evening

You should be able to listen to the Assembly Floor broadcast tomorrow here. If not, go to the main Assembly URL and search through the listings; call an ASM office for more help if necessary.

Current status on pending animal bills in the California legislature:
  1. CA SB 753 (Cedillo) Exotic animals: kangaroos ~ Hearing postponed by SEN Natural Resources & Water
  2. CA AB 708 (Huffman) Fish and wildlife: poaching ~ Read second time. To ASM Consent Calendar
  3. CA SB 609 (Hollingsworth) Importation of crocodile and alligator parts ~ in Assembly. Held at Senate Floor Desk.
  4. Ca SB 536 (Hollingsworth) Commercial hunting clubs ~ pending further hearing in SEN Natural Resources & Water
  5. CA SB 481 (Cox) Airports: wildlife ~ held at Senate Floor Desk.
  6. CA SB 416 (Florez) Meat Products: antibiotics ~ re: school lunches; latest analysis ~ LOTS of opposition.
  7. CA SB 318 (Calderon) Dogfighting forfeitures ~ to SEN Appropriations on May 26th
  8. CA SB 250 (Florez) Dogs and cats: spaying and neutering ~ still in SEN Appropriations Suspense file
  9. CA AB 243 (Nava) Animal abuse: penalties ~ passed thru ASM Appropriations today ~~ latest Analysis here
  10. CA AB 241 (Nava) Dogs and cats: breeding for sale ~ to Assembly floor vote tomorrow
  11. CA AB 242 (Nava) Dog fighting ~still in Suspense file
  12. CA AB 233 (Smythe) ~ in ASM Suspense ~ latest analysis
  13. CA AB 1437 (Huffman) egg bill ~ to Assembly floor vote tomorrow
  14. CA AB 135 (Florez etc) Animal abuse: cattle: tail docking ~ 3rd hearing today in Assembly.
  15. CA AB 1122 (Lieu) live animal sales ~ amended 5/14 ~ new Analysis (no opposition??)
  16. CA ACR 74 (Portantino) Animal shelters: No Kill movement policies ~ printed May 19th.

Pondering Puppy Mills and H$U$

I was going to post this series of short notes on Twitter, but think I'll put them here instead. First, though, two bills are currently scheduled for an Assembly Floor vote tomorrow:
AB 241 - Nava - Dogs and cats: breeding for sale
AB 1437 - Huffman
- Shelled eggs: sale for human consumption: compliance with animal care standards
Call and fax your Assembly Member tonight and ask them to vote NO on both of these bad bills.

The following thoughts are posted as I think about the implications of H$U$' actions last week. Wayne P's animal radicals tried to stop information from zooming along the Internet. Didn't work. Only made us angry - and for a lot of us, ready to take more action to stop the AR agenda. Here we go; open minds, please. Our previous thoughts and actions / inactions got us where we are today, all of us. If things are to change, the change must start within us.

No, that's not a political statement. Just the truth.

  • H$U$ has enough attorneys to kill Twitter accounts, remove ground breaking news reports from Google, and delete videos from YouTube. We learned that this week.
  • H$U$ has enough money to bring and endorse almost 200 animal bills across these 50 states this year - including about ten (so far) in California.
  • H$U$ says laying hens are better off in groups of thousands, with attendant threats of cannibalism and disease, than in smaller cages where they're safer and happier (proven because they lay more eggs!).
  • H$U$ says a puppy mill has over 75, 50, 30, 20 or 11 breeding dogs. Yep, in Texas they're facing potential laws calling anyone with 11 intact bitches a commercial kennel - which H$U$ and PeTA say is a puppy mill. But... what is a puppy mill, anyway? Really? Are numbers the sole determining factor?
  • H$U$ told the California Assembly Appropriations Committee last week that VP Joe Biden bought his pup from a puppy mill. 'A horrible place with 5 citations!' No time was left in committee to tell the FULL story: that all charges were dismissed (see previous posts for details).
This was a USDA kennel licensed for over 250 dogs but handling just 91 dogs onsite. Imported from Europe and worth $5,000. to $10,000. each. There are two heated indoor swimming pools for the dogs on the property. Um.... I'm thinking this is not a puppy mill.
If we let H$U$, PeTA and other ARs define who gets to breed dogs, cats, poultry, swine, horses, cattle, sheep... will we still live in America?

If we continue to let H$U$, PeTA and local ARs make animal control law, how long until ALL breeders and pet owners are scofflaws?

If we let H$U$ and other animal radicals dictate how critters are cared for ... how long before no one is 'good enough' to own a pet? Or a cow? Or a chicken?

/end rant_thoughts

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Kill Resolution in CA - ACR 74

CA ACR 74 was just introduced yesterday. It is not a binding agreement and has no fiscal effect, but it's a great first step toward establishing the tenets of the No Kill Movement throughout California. I personally applaud the Assembly Member who presents it, ASM Anthony Portantino, and I'm going to call his office to say THANK YOU. How 'bout you?
Complete bill history is here.
Complete text is here.
Current status and all updates will be available here.

Read this bill all the way through; it establishes the credibility of the many
people and organizations that have been fighting MSN, 2007's AB1634
and the current crop of H$U$-PeTA-Farm Sanctuary etc inspired radical
animal rights bills.

From the Legislative Counsel's Digest at the top of the Resolution's text:
ACR 74, as introduced, Portantino.
Animal shelters: No Kill movement policies.

This measure would urge local animal services agencies, local
animal shelters, agencies under contract to provide animal services,
societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals, and humane
societies to embrace the philosophy of the No Kill movement and
implement its programs and services aimed at ending the mass
of sheltered animals.

Fiscal committee: no.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Texas - URGENT - Texas

Middle of the night shenanigans in the Texas legislature. Read it and weep - then call, write, do something. Even if you live in California:
The “Other” Breeding Bill

Sen. Whitmire, the chairman of the above Criminal Justice Committee and sponsor of an identical breeding bill, took his campaign to place severe restrictions on kennels a step farther last week.

Whitmire essentially hijacked an unrelated House bill about licensing barbers (HB 2310, sponsored by Rep. Kuempel) and attached about two-thirds of his kennel bill to it as an amendment.

Then, Whitmire convinced the Senate leadership to suspend the rules, brought the bill up for a vote in the middle of the night, got it passed by the Senate and sent it back to the House for concurrence. The House already had passed the part about barbers.

Whitmire’s amendment restores the 11-dog definition of a commercial kennel, and does not include the amendment limiting the amount of compensation to a dissatisfied puppy buyer.
Notice, please, that a puppy mill in one bill is any kennel with 11 intact bitches. In another bill it's 50.

CA AB 241's numbers can be changed at the whim of a pol who listens to H$U$. Think about it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tomorrow and Wednesday

Here we go - links to California Assembly and Senate Committee Members who need to hear from *you* before various hearings tomorrow and Wednesday (see previous post for dates):

CA AB 233 ~ ASM Revenue and Taxation

CA SB 318 ~ SEN Appropriations

CA AB 1122 & AB 243 ~ ASM Appropriations

Senator Cox needs to hear from you early Monday morning about CA SB 481, which is on the Senate Special Consent Calendar. This is the bill to allow California to hire bird abatement crews to decrease the chance of bird strikes (and get reimbursed by the airport, not the state).

Friday, May 15, 2009

CA ASM & SEN - Next Week's Hearings (as of 3pm today)

Next week's hearing schedule:

  • Monday
    • AB 233 - ASM Revenue and Taxation
    • SB 318 - SEN Appropriations
    • SB 481 - SEN Special Consent Calendar
  • Wednesday
    • AB 1122 - ASM Appropriation
    • AB 243 - ASM Appropriations

CA Bill Updates

Here we go - make those calls and fax those letters TODAY.

AB 1122 Lieu -(Coauthors: Eng and Jones)
- animal abuse: sale of live animals
  • amended today, 5/14/09 - removes reference to 'flea markets and renames the Bill.
  • next hearing: Wednesday May 20th in ASM Appropriations
AB 1437 Huffman (Principal coauthor: Senator Florez) (Coauthor: Tom Berryhill)
- Shelled eggs: sale for human consumption: compliance with animal care standards
  • to Assembly Second Reading - filed on Monday May 18th, item # 53
AB 233 Smyth (Coauthors: Adams, Bill Berryhill, Duvall, Garrick, Jeffries, Nestande, Silva, and Solorio) (Coauthors: Senators Maldonado and Strickland)
Personal income tax: deductions: pet adoption costs
  • to ASM Revenue and Taxation - hearing on Monday, May 18th
AB 241 Nava
- Dogs and cats: breeding for sale
  • to Assembly Second Reading - filed on Monday May 18th, item #25
AB 243 Nava (Coauthors: Lieu and Portantino) (Coauthors: Senators DeSaulnier and Florez)
Animal abuse: penalties
  • to ASM Appropriations - hearing on Wednesday May 20th
SB 318 Calderon
- Dogfighting forfeitures
  • to SEN Appropriations - hearing on Monday May 18th
SB 481 Cox (Principal coauthor: Senator Steinberg)
- Airports: wildlife
  • on SEN Special Consent Calendar - NO. 05 - file date: Monday 5/18th - item #98
AB 708 Huffman (Coauthor: Senator Strickland)
- Fish and wildlife: poaching
  • to ASM Second Reading - filed on Monday May 18th, item #86

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hear, View and Comment On Line about CA Bills

Did you know you can listen to CA Assembly testimony as it happens? Yep!

You can both listen here and watch CA Senate testimony as it happens.

Note: I had a link here which went to the CA Assembly and purported to allow one to comment directly on bills to the Author. Apparently, however, it only works IF the bill author is a current Assembly Member and there are no other authors supporting the Bill. Why? Dunno. I'm disappointed in our State programmers.

If you still want to try to comment online, go to this link. If it works for you, it's
an easy way to comment directly to the author of Assembly-sponsored California State Bill. All you do is enter the parameters you know: Bill Number or author. Then click Search, and at the bottom of the next page click COMMENT.

CA ASM Appropriations Committee Fails Californians

Yesterday two important animal bills got past the CA ASM Appropriations Committee:
  • AB 241 (Dogs and cats: breeding for sale), and
  • AB 1437 (Shelled eggs: sale for human consumption: compliance with animal care standards).
In each case, yesterday's final misleading or incomplete testimony by the H$U$ probably sent these atrocious bills off to the Assembly Floor.

AB 241
- H$U$ had the last word in testimony and stated that the breeder of VP Joe Biden's new puppy, Champ, received five animal control citations after he took his pup home. The FULL truth is:
Funny, isn't it. I know a number of people who faxed and called about what happened to this breeder to each of these Assembly members over the past few weeks...

AB 1437 - H$U$ again had the last word and said they supported the bill because they wanted egg laying hens to be healthier. This statement was made AFTER testimony citing UC Davis economic and Swedish laying hen health studies showing more hens die and more hens get sick on commercial free range egg farms.

Testimony was also given about California's WIC program recipients (Women Infants and Children). They won't be allowed eggs at all under AB 1437 unless current guidelines are changed. School breakfasts and lunches will also increase in cost ... but the Bill itself says this won't cost the State. Nope. Only the future health of our children and overburdened school budgets.

No date has been set for the full Assembly votes on either Bill. Great appreciation goes to the following Assembly Members who had the common sense to either not vote or vote against these Bills:
  • AB 241 - Voting NO: Assembly Members Nielsen, Duvall and Miller
  • AB 1437 - Voting NO: Assembly Members Nielsen, Charles Calderon and Harkey; Not voting, abstaining or absent: Assembly Members Duvall, Miller, Audra and Strickland

Monday, May 11, 2009

CA SB 250 - Suspended!

Woo! I'll post details later but here are the bare bones results:

0 (zero) supporters spoke up
5 (five) opponents spoke up

  • Finances said there would be costs
  • Opponents said there would be costs
  • Sen. Runner confirmed with opponents that nowhere in the US has mandatory spay/neuter ever decreased shelter costs - it always gets worse.
  • Sen. Runner also confirmed with Finance that the state will get unfunded mandate costs, more cats & dogs will be abandoned, so those mandate costs will increase.
Then Sen. Runner asked Finance: so, local government can ask the State to pay for the increased costs?
Finance: yes

SB 250 will be thoroughly vetted by the Committee and voted up or down late in the month.

Methinks it's dead, Jim.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Upcoming Dates in Sacramento

Mon 5/11
- CA SB 250 (Dogs and cats: spaying and neutering)

Wed 5/13
- CA AB 241 (Dogs and cats: breeding for sale)
- CA AB 708 (Fish and wildlife: poaching)

Mon 5/18
- CA SB 135 (Animal abuse: cattle: tail docking)
- CA SB 318 (Dogfighting forfeitures)
- CA SB 416 (Antibiotics)

Current status
(as of this early Sunday afternoon for the other 6 bills currently being pushed by animal rights / animal radicals):

CA AB 1122 (Animal abuse: sale of live animals: flea markets)
~ ASM Appropriations
~ Set, first hearing. Hearing canceled at the request of author.
??? may be heard this week - Wednesday 5/13???

CA AB 1224 (Vehicles: hit and run violations: animals)
~ Set first hearing. Failed passage. Reconsideration granted.

CA AB 1437 (Shelled eggs: sale for human consumption..)
~ re-referred to ASM Appropriations.

CA AB 242 (Dog fighting)
~ Referred to ASM Appropriations suspense file.

CA AB 243 (Animal abuse: penalties)
~ Hearing postponed by ASM Appropriations committee.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

May 6th - Calif Animal Bills

Not counting the seal and marine bills (which I haven't looked that closely), there are EIGHTEEN animal bills currently being studied in our CA Senate and Assembly. Most are unnecessary intrusions into our lives:

AB 1122 (Lieu ~ Animal abuse: sale of live animals: flea markets)

AB 1224 (Eng ~ Vehicles: hit and run violations: animals)

SB 135 (Florez ~ Animal abuse: cattle: tail docking)

AB 1437 (Huffman, Florez, Berryhill ~ Shelled eggs: sale for human consumption: compliance)

AB 233 (Smyth etc ~ Personal income tax: deductions: pet adoption costs)

AB 241 (Nava ~ Dogs and cats: breeding for sale)

AB 242 (Nava etc ~ Dog fighting)

AB 243 (Nava etc ~ Animal abuse: penalties)

SB 250 (Florez ~ Dogs and cats: spaying and neutering)

SB 254 (Wiggins ~ Horses: sale, purchase, or transfer)

SB 318 (Calderon ~ Dogfighting forfeitures)

SB 416 (Florez ~ Antibiotics) ~ antibiotics in school lunches

SB 481 (Cox, Steinberg ~ Airports: wildlife)

SB 536 (Hollingsworth ~ Commercial hunting clubs)

SB 609 (Hollingsworth ~ Importation of crocodile and alligator parts)

AB 708 (Huffman, Strickland ~ Fish and wildlife: poaching)

SB 708 (Hollingsworth: Milk: pricing)

SB 753 (Cedillo: Exotic animals: kangaroos)

Today's AB 1122 was not voted on after all, and the author (ASM Lieu) will be meeting with opponents this week and next to fix it up. Hopefully he'll see that even though he does have good intentions - helping animals - animal radical groups including H$U$ and PeTA want to *use him* to further their own agendas (damning every pet breeder in the state for good measure).