True Agendas

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Your Vote Counts

Believe it or not, HSUS has an agenda that does not include the best interests of the American pet owner. It's not very happy with American farmers, hunters or fishermen and women either. And yes, HSUS-endorsed PACs (political action committees) are going full-out right now to back their preferred candidates.

Humane USA (directed by an HSUS employee), for example, has contributed $75,000. to support federal candidates so far - with Sen. Robert Byrd and Sen. Rick Santorum receiving the largest portions of those monies. It has also spent quite a bit opposing certain candidates, including Rep. Pombo and Rep. Doolittle in California.

Sad but true: certain American Kennel Club officers and board members have also contributed significantly to the campaign war chest of Sen. Santorum - sponsor of the PAWS bill which is both anti-hunting and anti-breeding.

You can find recommendations for each state's candidates here from the Sportsman's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance. Interesting reading, IMO.

It's so easy to think our one vote doesn't really count in the grand scheme of things. Yet we know that, in reality, races and games are often won by slight differences, minor moves, one vote at the right time and place.

Be sure to vote this upcoming election - and be sure to think long and hard about who gets that precious vote. The candidates we elect now will be determining our future for many years to come - which in turn affects the world our kids and grandkids will live in.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Where do they really stand?

Here's a topical question: how well do the actions of these employees reflect the ideology of their employer?
A couple months ago I read a commentary which stated PETA killed more than 90% of the animals taken in by its' only shelter in 2005. Another, non-PETA shelter several miles away adopted out over 70% of its' inmates in the same time period.

From I found this statement:
So, what do you think? What is PETA's true agenda? What is the true agenda of HSUS, a deep pockets organization which doesn't operate a single animal shelter? What is the true agenda of the animal rights movement? How do animal rightists hope to influence American politics and pet ownership? How have they influenced our society to date?

Do you think that a group which believes it would be best if "... the institution of "pet keeping ... never existed" can be trusted to guide the development of local, state and national animal control ordinances?

Trust - Belief - Hope

Whom do you trust? What do you believe? Why? How can you determine where someone - or some organization - actually stands on an issue? Where their heart is? These are challenges I hope to explore in this blog, especially as they relate to changing legal rights and responsibilities of pet ownership in America.

It is also my wish to provide hope for the future - examples of towns, cities and states that 'get it right.' Where the right to pet ownership is encouraged and not put on trial by groups with ... agendas.

Let's consider the world which the animal rights movement really wants to create for us and our children's children's children. My theory is that, ultimately, it is not what they're telling our local city councils and state governments.

Learn. Do. Teach. Mentor. That's my agenda. What's yours?